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Dubloadz' gritty bass house release "Nitro" marks the beginning of a new era

Carving out a place of his own in the dubstep and bass world Dubloadz, née Dave Nardolilli, is back with another iconic release titled "Nitro". His eclectic style shatters the idea of sub-genres, turning the dubstep world upside down with his subversion of the norm. Mixing a distinct style of high-energy vocals and deep bass rhythms, “Nitro” covers a spectrum influenced by everything from hip-hop and funk to house and bass music.  

With a deeper delve into the house music foray, "Nitro" embues elements of classic bounce house (particularly in the vocals) whilst staying true to the dubstep sound he's known for. Distinctively settled under the umbrella of bass house, Dubloadz takes in all his sonic experiences for an authentic and earnest experimentation. From the sonic growls to the gritty bass, the producer spins together a devilishly filthy track that is both dance-worthy and perfect for head-banging. No doubt, "Nitro" is the beginning of Dubloadz' expansion into the deeper crevices of dance music. 

Buy/stream "Nitro" here.


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Bass · Dubstep · House


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