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STVSH joins up with Gangtivity to deliver “Ramen”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Stvsh is an artist who wholeheartedly reps his city while always remaining true to his core. The artist's name stands for ‘Stay true and stay humble’ - and as Stvsh continues to gain traction and grow his fan base, his humility remains unwavering. 

His collaborations seem to come together naturally having worked with the likes of Jay Critch, Kirk Knight and many more. His latest single "Ramen" is no different. New York’s very own Gangtivity, with members Fleego, Bamvito and Mitch have equally been gaining a natural growing buzz in New York.

On how the different artist came together for this project, Stvsh shared that Fleego approached asking “we should start a movement bringing more New York artists together, and just show each other love.” So when Stvsh finished the track, hitting up Gangtivity for the feature was a no-brainer. 

When asked what inspired him to write ‘Ramen’, Stvsh says: 

"I had a pocket full of money I just made earlier that morning and could’ve bought a decent meal but I was still craving Ramen noodles. Pretty much, the song just represents me staying true to who I am. No dollar amount can replace what I been through and the struggles I faced. So, no matter how successful I become, I will always remain humble.”

With a hauntingly distinct Judah Hex beat, Stvsh’s commanding flow and Gangtivity’s captivating energy - "Ramen" sounds like quick a hit. The chorus is unavoidably catchy, it's dripping in bounce and Stvsh exudes a sense of confidence throughout the track that helps create a unique sound that's both personal and distinctly his own.

Connect with STVSH: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Photo Credit: Corey Higgins



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