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Eman8's "Amen" is a soulful narrative of his emotional journey

At the forefront of unbounded perennial pop trends, progressive soul singer-songwriter and producer Brandyn Burnette or otherwise known as Eman8, rises with a unique boundary-breaking sound. The St. Louis native of Greek and Jamaican descent, crafts music as eclectic as his heritage, vividly heard through his latest single "Amen". 

With soulful vocals radiating amongst the vibrant guitar riffs and brassy horns, "Amen" is a feel-good ode that immediately satiates a person's aural well-being. The colourful rolling melodies alongside Eman8's vivid lyricism, is an easy fit for listening. The flitting jazz-influenced soundscapes naturally build up to the pop chorus drop, illuminating his heartfelt feelings.

"My music is about healing,” Eman8 states. “That's what it is for me and that's what I think it is for other people.” Providing a raw glimpse into his emotional journey over an ebullient and Gospel-infused arrangement of Pop and R&B, "Amen" is a crowd pleaser not to be missed. 

Connect with Eman8: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Pop · R&B · Soul


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