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Raveena’s “Temptation” is beautiful, honest and expressive [Video]

Raveena Aurora is a New York-based R&B artist whose smooth and sultry tone is nothing short of mesmerizing. 

As an artist, Raveena knows exactly she is. Her artistry is an immediate and honest extension of her character, which has the audience directly listening to her truth. She hones a transparency and authenticity that can be heard in the music and so meticulously translated in her visuals.

Her last release was a sweet and wholesome track titled “Honey”. Raveena accompanied the release with a soft and enchanting visual that was nothing short of dreamy. She’s back with “Temptation”, honing in her soulful sweetness and creativity, leaving the audience hypnotically journeying with the captivating visual and love-infused track. 

The video was directed by Jackson Tisi and Raveena and stars Giannina Oteta and Raveena herself. It explores sexual fluidity through different dimensions, taking us through a divinely dreamy world with distinct primary colors that compliment the sweet romantic ambience of the song. 

“Temptation” also encompasses Bollywood movie elements, which is something that Raveena seems to be very conscious and keen on including. She constantly so proudly showcases her culture, through her unique creative lens and approach to music. She’s aware of the lack of representation and has taken it upon herself to exist in her truth.

Raveena boldly showcases her truth and has her truth drive her to harmoniously create and exist in a space of divine artistry. 

Connect with Raveena: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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