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PAINT will have you peaking with the colorful new video for "Moldy Man"

PAINT is the new solo project from LA musician Pedrum Siadatian, better known for his guitar work in the Allah-Las. This track gives a peek into his upcoming self titled full-length, due out November 2 on Mexican Summer.

The seeds for this new endeavor were sewn back in 2016 after finishing up the third Allah-Las record Calico Review. Siadatian began sketching out songs on his four-track when it became clear that these tunes were “a horse of a different color,” so to speak. It was then that PAINT was born and destined to make a mark! 

"Moldy Man" is the product of slow-burning acid bitter poetry a la counterculture prophet Gregory Corso and the like. The lyrics are drenched in greasy, hallucinogenic prose that zig-zag over loosey-goosey guitars, fuzzy organs, and rollicking tempo changes. It's light and jazzy - making the perfect soundtrack for a dazed walk along the beach. Playing out like a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-type binge, not much makes sense but it doesn't need to either. "Moldy Man" seems to be a grimy, misunderstood character from the opening lyrics,

Sitting in the corner waiting for the dawn to come

Sheds blue tears neverending flicking fuzz off with his thumb

The subsequent video depicts Siadatian as Moldy Man, sauntering around in a kaleidoscopic dreamland all shown through the fisheye perspective. Bursts of "Yellow Submarine"-esque animations swirl through Moldy Man's surroundings, further drawing us into his acid-washed lifestyle. Maybe Moldy Man is the alter-ego of Siadatian himself, or maybe there's a little Moldy Man in all of us.

If you're in LA, catch PAINT at Zebulon Café for the Record Release Show! 

If you're in Europe, catch PAINT on tour:

Nov 2, 2018 Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon 
Dec 4, 2018 London, UK - Shackwell Arms
Dec 7, 2018 Paris, France - Pop Up Du Label
Dec 8, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
Dec 9, 2018 Dortmund, Germany - Labsal Restaurant
Dec 10, 2018 Berlin, Germany - Kantine am Berghai
Dec 11, 2018 Brussels, Belgium - Botanique Rotonde
Dec 12, 2018 Zürich, Switzerland - Exil
Dec 14, 2018 Lausanne, Sitzerland - Le Bourg

Connect with PAINT: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

60's · Hazy · Indie · Lo-Fi · Psych-rock · Psychedelic


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