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Get lost in the synths of Intertwine's "Let Go" [Video Premiere]

Norwegian synth pop band Intertwine released their track “Let Go” last month via Cascine singles label CSCN, and today the band is debuting a dreamy video to match. Written in Japan by frontman Tarjei Ekelund while studying architecture and then finished in a small Norwegian fishing village, the track reflects both environments. It has a bright, poppy Japanese element but also a serene and organic nature of Norway.

The idea for the video first came to drummer Ruben Nesse while the band was working on their first album Goraikoo. “Every year we go to Tarjei's family cabin in southern Norway, near a small harbour called Nevlunghavn. It's a quiet place, with limited access to internet and people in general, allowing us to focus completely on being creative,” says Intertwine. Nesse had the idea to do a video in the water at the beaches in Nevlunghavn. The band describes the video shot by drone photographer Nils Sebastian VonderFehr:

The beach in Nevlunghavn is special in the way that you can walk for what seems like forever, and still only have water up to your knees. The perfect spot for a drone video shoot. … It was freezing as hell, even after a long and warm summer, but it was totally worth the effort. We are very happy with the result. The shots have a dreamy, strange quality, which fits the music perfectly, while also telling a story of where the music was made.

“Let Go” is set to be a part of a forthcoming EP that will soon follow. The single is out now via CSCN. Find it digitally here

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