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Delia Dane is "Kinda Nice" in sultry & smooth new track

Singer-songwriter Delia Dane has stood out amongst the noise with her fully-formed sound. The Gainesville, Florida-based artist has a knack for weaving between a myriad of genres, regardless of how contrasting they are for each other. Additionally, her vocals are chock-full of confessions and uplifting paeans. Dane is a multi-talent who has learned the art of music entirely on her own. 

"Kinda Nice" slowly introduces Dane's angelic vocals with a warm synth pad that progresses throughout. A hip-hop beat complements her vocals with sincere rhythmic expression, depth, and sheer beauty. A minimalistic electric guitar is sprinkled around the stereo spectrum via wide panning effects. Additionally, the deep bass that floats beneath the kick adds an impressive depth to the eclectic track. 

"'Kinda Nice' is a fun departure from my previous catalog," states Dane. "I wanted to do something more carefree and casual, both lyrically and musically. Lyrically the song is about exploring a new, casual connection with someone. The track is teetering on hip-hop with some post-vocal rap influences, but still breathy, R&B vibes." - Delia Dane

Kick back and soak in the sheer compassion, rawness, and lyrical departure in Dane's "Kinda Nice." 

Connect with Delia Dane: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Future Pop · Hip-Hop · Pop · R&B


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