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Luca M and JUST2 encompass a dark and gritty aura in EP 'Acid Ghetto'

The Play It Say It label has welcomed a trio of top talents in Luca M, JUST2 and Atapy for a new four-track EP titled Acid Ghetto. Encompassing an all-around dark and gritty aura, Acid Ghetto reflects its namesake with hard-hitting techno grooves and a laid-back vibe underlaid with enigmatic menace.

Opening track "Acid Ghetto" is a masterfully slick house track with electrifying synths and restless, non-stop drums. Its eclectic vocal cuts, whirring machines and bendy pads are as heady as they are dance friendly, sweeping one up into an otherworldly sound that both calms and also, is a moment of kairosclerosis. "Restore" follows along with an even more supple groove, with a thumping bass line and space-y piano chords that twist and turn the dance floor with ease - a simple track that makes a powerful impact.

The third track between Luca M and JUST2, "Bechamel" adds a dynamic deep house feeling to the mix, stripping back to the basics of utilizing infectious bass as the basis. The moody vocal chops pair well with the hypnotic rhythm and with ease. The final track "Levels" is a collaboration between JUST2 and Atapy, a more uptempo juxtaposition with the rest of EP. Rich drums and tumbling synth chords bring an off-kilter charm to the menacing grooves, bringing flawless bumpiness to an already contagious tune.

Connect with Luca M: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with JUST2: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
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