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Quincy Mumford shows us a "Great Escape" in soulful track

Asbury Park based musician, producer, and singer-songwriter Quincy Mumford blends hip-hop beats and soulful melodies into his forthcoming EP titled Every Wednesday with world renowned producer and DJ, Jenaux. In anticipation of the release, Mumford has released his first track off of the EP, aptly titled Great Escape.

Slow and soulful, "Great Escape" is a dreamy break from the everyday, diving headfirst into the new world with a nostalgia-inducing radio monologue. Citing that "The best teacher in life is experience.../nothing behind me/everything ahead of me", Mumford sets a scene for us with hip-hop grooves and thumping bass, weaving a personal narrative for us to indulge in. The funk-influenced guitar and Al Green-esque vibes emanate through the rolling melodies, a charismatic and undeniably genuine track that possesses the same feel good attitude that the artist himself does.

In speaking on the track, Mumford notes; "'Great Escape' is a song about self realization. Finding that thing in life that takes you out of the dark, and into the light to become the best version of yourself."

Connect with Quincy Mumford: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

R&B · Soul


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