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Jon Bellion resides in reality on "Conversations With My Wife"

From his early career mixtape releases to his debut studio album The Human Condition, Jon Bellion has demonstrated a gift for storytelling through a multitude of lenses, including his skills as a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. The Long Island native has never been satisfied with simply releasing a few singles here and there that are dense in content, it would be doing both himself and his audience a disservice by doing so. Instead, he uses each track as an opportunity to craft a new element of the vividly animated universe he's built throughout his discography. Bellion's long-awaited sophomore album, Glory Sound Prep, is set for a November 9th release and was alluded to first through a welcome letter, and then through a minute long album trailer featuring Stormzy as the headmaster of GSP that looks like it came straight from a Disney animation studio.  The first single from the album, "Conversations With My Wife," shows the singer back in his masterful pop song writing element. 

The dreampop sound of "Conversations With My Wife" isn't as heavy as similar sounding tracks of his, which is fitting for the track's overall message and tone. The song is structured as two pre-chorus/chorus sets, both separated by a bridge that displays a common theme in Bellion's lyrics. "They'll say that I fell off, and it's alright / I'm so ready to run from the spotlight," he ponders and confesses, but not in a worrying way–never fearing for the moment when the public's opinions on his career don't align with his own. The singer heavily places value within his interpersonal relationships with those closest to him. Regardless, these predictions of criticism are likely to remain hypothetical. With a little over two years between The Human Condition and this first Glory Sound Prep single, Bellion hasn't lost any of his edge, and instead has remained consistent in creating meaningful pop tracks that draw influence from a number of other genres.

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