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Jak Lizard shows us a soulful "Quality Of Life" that makes us giddy with joy

New York-based artist Jak Lizard is unafraid of alchemic genre-bending; his world is a vibrant kaleidoscope of sounds, shapes, colours and words, equally weighed to match his exuberant stage presence and genre-hopping sound. Melding old and new, Lizard's striking vocal range and refined lyricism conveys a wisdom beyond his 23 years, exhibiting his multi-faceted talents and styles.

In light of his debut EP which releases in early December, Lizard has released "Quality Of Life" - a smooth and soulful sonic joy to the ears.

Opening with a jazzy piano riff accompanied by the snapping of fingers, Lizard's robust vocals shine in its tonal ranges - peaking at all the right highs and the deepest of lows. Ultimately feel-good and soaked in sunshine, the lyrics flow smoothly through the melody, backed by an airtight live rhythm section that brings an irrepressible groove. Lizard's tumbling lyrical flow issues a heartfelt challenge to materialistic lifestyles, with the sentiment wrapped up in heartwarming bass and tight drums.The hip-hop and soul influences are evident throughout, making for a truly unique track that effectively makes one giddy with joy.


Connect with Jak Lizard: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook

R&B · Soul


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