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Amir Kelly's "MAUI" is a modern fantasy celebrating the spontaneity of pleasure [Video]

With a mixed heritage of African-American and Indian, Amir Kelly lives in a world of duality - a master of existing within multiple worlds. With two swords in hand, Kelly utilizes his lived experiences and slashes forward with his debut single "MAUI" - an unapologetically intimate narrative of reclamation.

Written while cleaning the toilets of Starbuck, "MAUI" itself, details a lifestyle of luxury. The track exists as a modern fantasy that lies within Kelly's desires, the video and song being a direct juxtaposition to his own reality. Brightly lit, each frame of the video is a precursor to the next, weaving a vivid narrative of people of colour. The close-up shots breathes intimacy, Kelly's soulful voice all the more loving and wistful. With animated wordplay and references to pop culture, Kelly uses the song as a metaphor for the spontaneity of pleasure - as seen in the video's sultry movements. Incorporating classical Indian melodies, modern hip-hop production and 90's R&B background vocals, he allures his listeners into a state of euphoria, backed by the beautiful visual experience.

Connect with Amir Kelly: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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