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Ea Kaya shows us her world in "Don't Complicate It" [Video]

Emerging Danish star Ea Kaya, the moniker of Christine Kiberg, is a pop sensation ready to introduce visuals fitting for her sharp, forward-thinking pop music. Since debuting "Don't Complicate It" a year ago with immense success, it seems fitting for the Scandinavian artist to not complicate things and move forward with the aforementioned track, reimagining it into a visual narrative.

Warm undertones immediately set the scene for the video, detailing the lives of kids in Copenhagen - a suitably refreshing and effervescent introduction to Kaya’s world. Authenticating the vibrant energy that oozes through her every words, the hand-held shaky-camera aesthetic predominantly marks her personality, effectively hooking us into both the visuals and the vocals. The close-up shots, the focus on both languid and energetic movements, come together to form a believable story of the kids portrayed, ultimately fun and heartwarming.

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