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Worn-Tin will get you spinning with new single "Cycles"

Meet Los Angeles-based lo-fi lullaby maker, Worn-Tin, aka Warner Hiatt. He's a simple lad who loves to skateboard around West LA and craft laid-back retro-pop tunes full of sun-baked melodies and micro-eccentricities. With a band name spawned from a drunken mispronunciation of his name, Worn-Tin is all about getting warm and fuzzy sounds from his analog equipment and taking inspiration from indie oddballs like R. Stevie Moore. "Cycles" is the first single from the forthcoming record and sets the tone with hazy, carefree melodies and slinky vocal cadence. Check out the breezy video below!

The video opens like a classic '70s sitcom set in the hills of Agua Dulce above the Angeles National Forest. An easy-going gal is perched among picturesque landscapes and pastoral farmland. Just as we are lulled into a dreamy state by the chugging acoustic guitars and unflustered vocals, the band appears clad in blue jumpsuits and blonde mop-tops. 

In "Cycles," Worn-Tin achieves the perfect zany blend of grungy, Pavement-esque indie rock and sunshine psychedelia.

While he may seem like a chilled out character, writing rambling lyrics with lucid unpredictability, Worn-Tin is known for his stage antics that have become a staple of his live show. From drinking his own urine to getting arrested at his own show, Worn-Tin is dedicated to his crackpot persona. 

Stay tuned for Worn-Tin's upcoming full-length and keep an eye out for him when you're cruising through the streets of West LA.

Connect with Worn-Tin: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter|  Spotify

Indie · Lo-Fi · Premiere · Psychedelic


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