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KLANGPLANET serves some "Midnight" vibes for Nu jazz lovers

Multi-instrumentalist Klangplanet returns with a sweet blend of jazz laced with contemporary and house elements in latest single "Midnight". 

The producer is not green to EARMILK, having been featured a couple of times in the past as he provided a refreshing take on the funk, disco genres. On his new release "Midnight", he takes the listener deep into a soothing realm of layered deep house sounds built on a funky sparse guitar riff, throbbing bass-line over a classic drum break. Although he adds some minor ambient house elements, the prevalent style here has a more jazzy inclined feel.

Another thing to note is his minimal use of vocals which I find interesting compared to previous releases but they do play their part in various transitions throughout the track. The breakdown where the vocals and the pouring rain effect blend effortlessly into one another.

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