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Otis Mensah is thinking "Outside the Cave "[Video]

Poet and rapper Otis Mensah first appeared on our bi-weekly feature The Slice where he displayed his unorthodox style of storytelling and fiery rhyming skills.  Continuing his trend for delivering thought-provoking records his new single "Outside the Cave " showcases a profound look into depression and anxiety. Over a soulful backdrop, courtesy of producer The Intern, Mensah uses his art and talent as therapeutic elements helping him to cope with the day to day struggles.

The visual is once again handled by GRIT MULTIMEDIA who use painted visualization by Raluca de Soleil as a motif throughout the video. The split screen approach is used to explore the idea of polarising, contradicting realities. "Outside the Cave " sets the tone of his forthcoming EP 'Colours of it all' Out November 9th; my first release as Poet Laureate. 

Connect with  Otis Mensah: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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