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Crystal Knives stuns with 'Mannequin' EP

Milwaukee-based electronic producer Crystal Knives lights up the scene with fiery incandescence in his two-track EP Mannequin - a stunning electronic work laden with melodic bass and pop influences.

Titular track "Mannequin" featuring Casey Cook is a haunting ballad both wistful and hopeful, brooding and energetic. The contrasting orchestral-influences and humming synths, bring forth a lush sound signature to Crystal Knives. Cook's poignant vocals weave in and out throughout the vivacious bass whirs, emanating melancholic confidence. In contrast, "Don't" featuring Jonah Baker finishes Mannequin off with an entrancing pop twist. Twinkling synths and buoyant percussive elements illuminate the honey-sweet vocals, a true pop ballad that tugs at all the right heartstrings whilst showcasing Crystal Knives' talent in versatility.

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