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Agnes Azria releases vibrant and swanky "Weeks in Paris"

LA native Agnes Azria conjures a modern sense of romanticism over verdant production with her latest single, “Weeks in Paris."

Born to a fashion-focused family, Azria fought against the stream to find herself firmly within the grips of the music industry. And one trip through “Weeks in Paris” is all you’ll need to see the choice to go against the grain was the right move.

Produced by Marcell Scott, “Weeks in Paris” is lush and vibrant. It exudes a tossing and turning in your bed sort of love, an almost overwhelming and pulsing sort of experience. And while the productions are warm and impressive, it’s Azria’s cadence that makes the track shine.

The three-minute-long minute song strides along unhurried. She gives ample time to let the song speak for itself, never feeling the need to steal the spotlight. It’s this assured delivery, mixed with jazzy productions, that makes “Weeks in Paris” feel alive.

With vocals and production like this, it seems only a matter of time before Agnes Azria starts popping up on everyone's radar. No word yet on a full-length project for the Angeleno but here’s hoping we’ll get word soon. 

Connect with Agnes Azria: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Photo Credit: Leona Johnson



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