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Conro showcases his versatility in funky new EP 'All Eyes On Me'

Staying true to the North, highly acclaimed Canadian EDM label Monstercat has released Kelowna-based producer Conro's highly anticipated EP All Eyes On Me - a future-bass, electronic synthesized fantasy of buoyant synths and lush dance pop beats.

All Eyes On Me is a cleverly curated 9-track release, effortlessly showcasing the Canadian producer's versatility and inherent passion and love for dance music. Transitioning from genre to genre, Conro does not shy away from innovating, molding comfort from a coalescence of vibrant sounds and evocative lyricism. 

Beginning with "The Chase", Conro opens the curtains to the show for a progressive, space-y track that transitions into a funky, guitar-strung break - before synthesizing the sounds into one cohesive groove. In juxtaposition, "All Eyes On Me" features a deeper bass line, classically house but with folksy-pop vocals that tug at all the heartstrings. Incredibly funky and infectious right off the bat, Conro manages to brew a sonorous concoction of synths and subtle percussions.

Continuing on the folksy-pop route for vocals, "Take Me There" is slower in tempo, but ethereally sound. Reminiscent of Swedish EDM, the track features classic drops at the hook, tastefully laden with acoustics as the song progressively builds up again. "Midnight Lights" featuring Ini Oladosu adds a beautiful splash of hip-hop and R&B to the EP, instant feel-good vibes emanating from the catchy vocal hooks. 

Similar to "All Eyes On Me", "Trippin" utilizes packed audial layers for a groovy bass line and the snapping of fingers, for an all around funk, a slick disco-vibe production. As if to remind us of his versatility, "Fired Up" brings back a more future bass sound, laden with trumpet-like synths that complement the previous tracks with soulful energy. Bringing the funk back once more, "Kick It" absolutely brings the notch up on what it means to be groovy. The relaxed, jazz-influenced drop alongside the distorted vocal chops, highlight the robust lyrics with even more intent.

"Me" seems to showcase a more intimate and vulnerable side to the producer, though the evocative lyrics are also highly relatable to listeners - a light-hearted, whimsical gallery of Conro's feelings over the years. Wrapping up the EP, "The Roaming Road" is a short but soulfully sweet track, gospel-like vocals reaching for even more intimacy than previous tracks - a perfect and memorable way to end the show. 

Speaking on the EP, Conro notes: "I’ve been looking forward to releasing this package of music for so long now. I put together all these songs filled with so many emotions I faced over the past few years. From extremely excited and pure bliss to disappointment and sadness. Always a bit nerve racking when releasing something that means so much to you, but I hope that people can relate and enjoy this package of music with me!"
Overall, All Eyes On Me is a definite testament to Conro's abilities as a producer and we have high hopes for him to continue rising in the dance music world.


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Electronic · Future Bass · Main Stage · Pop


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