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Dance to some dazzling peppiness on "Don't Work Like That" by Jinka

A dose of optimistic energy in the form of music can be really nice sometimes. Transylvanian artist Jinka's new single "Don't Work Like That" is a bop in that respect, but it's also fleshed out enough with captivating production and vocals that somehow it feels more substantial than the typical energetic pop single. 

Jinka's light vocals paired with sharp but bubbly production in "Don't Work Like That" is yet another interesting variation of pop music, and if you weren't aware of who Jinka was before, now might be the best time to get acquainted. And good news is, "Don't Work Like That" is off of Jinka's debut EP Dr. ARA, which will be released in early January. 

Connect with Jinka: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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