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We're "Obsessed" with CUB's newest release featuring Clara Hurtado [Video]

Emerging artist, songwriter and producer Billy Elson Farmer or otherwise known as CUB, wows us with the official video of "Obsessed", featuring the sugar-sweet vocals of Clara Hurtado. Making an eclectic crossover of electronic dance music and pop, CUB exhibits his journey in finding his sonic identity whilst continuously innovating and creating - with the official video effortlessly showcasing the quirky track in a visceral manner.

Amusingly fun, the video reflects the laid-back tempo of "Obsessed", with Hurtado's smooth vocals weaving in and out between quirky guitar hooks and a pounding bass line - a cocktail of dance-worthy audial dreamscapes. A cheeky and sensual song about the early feelings of romance, "Obsessed" is a telling of the lust and excitement we feel in a new relationship and being completely obsessed with someone - in a more 'chill' manner.

Simple in nature, the video utilizes minimal props and clean, pastel backdrops for a seamless flow in between shots, highlighting the duo and their actions. The poster boards with handwritten lyrics adds to this sense of natural eclecticism, an incredibly authentic touch that emphasizes the brazen message they're trying to convey; we see CUB and Hurtado having fun and in turn, gives us a light-hearted feel and overall, effervescent vibes. 

“I hate to say it but I've definitely been obsessed before.” Clara explains, “The feeling goes beyond just liking or even loving someone ... of not wanting anyone else.”


Connect with CUB: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Clara Hurtado: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Photo credits: Matt Stephens | @mjstephensphoto

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