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Vanic makes his return with an official remix of "But A Dream" by G-Eazy

Leave it to Vanic to constantly deliver banger remixes. This one is official and will be dropping on Spotify and all other platforms soon. Vanic is diving into a reminiscent territory, giving his spin on a rap single, similar to last year when he remixed a Big Sean track.

Stepping up one level further, he was reached out by G-Eazy to give the Vanic trademark sound of shimmering layers of goodness. The remix of "But A Dream" is appended with beautiful chord progression and melody that compliments the vocals, not steering too far from the original. With a great sound design throughout, we hear the underline melody and synths mixed with the topline that teases into a twisted sinister future bass drop.

The Canadian producer has been stockpiling a lot of music, both originals and remixes, that will soon be hitting the streets soon so if you're a fan, be sure to follow Vanic down below for updates.

Connect with Vanic:  Facebook  | Soundcloud | Twitter

Electronic · Rap


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