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Trevor Daniel is 'Homesick' on new EP

Trevor Daniel just inked a deal with producer Taz Taylor's Internet Money Records in conjunction with Alamo Records. The young singer has showed promise, and has already delivered on his talent with the new release of his EP Homesick. He falls into the lane of emotional music that acts like Juice WRLD are currently dominating, but Daniel's honesty is unlike anyone out now. The project's single, "Falling," bends genres in an irresistibly catchy fashion, while the whole project allows him to put his emotions on full display with undeniably incredible vocals. Each of the tracks is a highlight in its own right, but "For You" is a more romantic song that briefly allows Daniel to discuss love's minute intricacies. The Houston native opens up to his fans, and is sure to leave every listener excited to be (somewhat) early to his music. 

Connect with Trevor Daniel: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 

Hip-Hop · R&B


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