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Sink into a haunting "Embrace" with Agoria's new single

I don't know, some days you're just really feeling some experimental minimalism. This new single called "Embrace" by French producer Agoria really hits the spot when it comes to something captivating yet eerie. 

Big fans of house music might be familiar with Agoria but if not, the new single really showcases an official introduction to Agoria's new "drift" style, which is apparently a fast and emerging new genre that expresses freedom in musical taste. It's a cool idea-- think of it as exploring the concept of listeners being able to flow between genres, and thus creating a new musical trend and algorithm which allows artists to have creative space. It's almost a relief for an artist, to have the musical freedom of this "drift" style. As Agoria explains, "Drift is a mind set-- it's about freedom in music and musical taste. Many are scared to step forward, to lose their audience, to drift."

Featuring the talents of Phoebe Kildeer's vocals, "Embrace" came about from Agoria's combined interests in music, art, fashion, AI, and poetry. Interestingly enough, the melody for "Embrace" came about from the sounds that Agoria's fridge was making. It's always fun seeing the inspiration behind the creation of good songs, and if listeners are looking for something outside their favorite algorithmic Spotify playlist to check out, today's the day to do so. 

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