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Ivy Mairi transitions to pop with single "Strange Love"

Toronto-based Ivy Mairi is taking on a new element: pop music. Her single “Strange Love” marks her departure from a past filled with multiple releases in the folk genre. Having realized her singing and songwriting could not be expressed fully by folk music alone, she embarks now into electro-pop, and she does not disappoint.

Many have made the leap from one genre to another - sometimes fitting in immediately and other times wavering at the sometimes daunting feat. To Ivy, however, this is where she is meant to be. “Strange Love” is a hypnotizing example of unique pop - with notes of classic 80's background beats mixed with new, inventive electronic sounds. The single sounds like how new love feels, ecstatic and upbeat, as Ivy says herself:

“This song is about those times when someone special walks into your life unexpectedly - and how the way that new love sometimes looks and feels might not be what you would have expected, either. But you come to realize that it was what you actually needed all along. This song is about the ecstasy of that new-love feeling. I think the production, playing and singing on this track really serve that beautifully."

Having released three albums already, Ivy has put in a decade of music making and collaborating in the Toronto arts scene. Now, working with producer Kieran Adams (DIANA) on tracks for upcoming EP Polarity, Ivy is sure to prove that pop music is her next calling.

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