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Icarus returns with 'Echoes'

ICARUS has returned with their latest work in 2018, a track entitled "Echoes." The Bristol-based brotherly duo have established themselves as out of the box thinkers in the past, and "Echoes" continues on that journey through an organic meeting of deep house and electronica.  This time, the track is for the club, with industrial influences and progressive leanings ebbing and flowing throughout. Here, ICARUS has made it clear their intention to challenge themselves sonically by writing an instrumental track that conveys feelings without vocals, saying "To us it represents a journey, with evolving landscapes and changing colours as the music progresses." They've arguably done that in their recent past, though their singles have included some vocal sampling inclinations. Here, "Echoes" brings beats that could soundtrack dawn, dusk, or daylight, with a release that hints at a bigger project coming soon.

Connect with Icarus: Twitter SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook

Dance · Deep House


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