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Crush Club gets us "Higher" in groovy new video

Somewhere in between dance music, pop and soul, duo Le Chev and TC Milan of Crush Club, stand their ground with their unique and fresh take on music. Their uplifting, spirited tempo, shines through in each song and particularly in their newest single "Higher" - a groovy, lush song that emits all the feel-good vibes. The official video takes it even further with a wild west theme - a surprising coalition of fun and soporific funk.

Embodying glorious amounts of energy and passion, "Higher" is aptly named; with each chord and trumpet-laden hook, the duo amps up their exuberance with lush synths, funk-infused guitars, and ethereal gospel choirs. The video itself, is a fun visual telling of the song, perfectly conveying the uplifting ambiance via exaggerated wild west outfits and scenery. Cinematic, each frame of the video is vibrant with lush colours reminiscent of the 70's, fitting for the disco vibe "Higher" exudes and perfect for lifting one's spirits.

“"We wrote ‘"Higher’" in a day. It was just one of those songs that we needed to write. Whenever faced with obstacles, loss or any negative distraction, it can be difficult to make it through to the other side of whatever’s in your way. This song is a reminder that everyone knows how it feels to be down, so impossibly low, but that there’s always a way out, up, higher." said TC Milan of the single. Le Chev added, "“Musically this song is a combination of everything we love... It's a nod to the indulgences of our favourite 70's cuts, but has the relentless attack of techno from the bass line rhythm."

Crush Club is currently touring with Sofi Tukker on select dates of their Treehouse World Tour

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