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Brooke Williams will get "High & Bye" with latest single

Today we get to premiere "High & Bye," another shimmering single from San Diego hailing artist Brooke Williams. She has been honing her songwriting and vocal prowess since childhood, and draws on personal experiences to carve out her soulful sound.


Following on from the success of her previous single "Nightmare," Brooke Williams comes back with beautiful, piano-led melodies and memorable, heartfelt hooks with "High & Bye." A meaningful message shines through from the fun-quirky lyrics. "'High & Bye' is about a night when you just want to forget about life and chill with someone" Brooke explains, "I was getting over old feelings and had sworn off any new ones. This song was my way of saying that to this person."

With millions of online streams already to her name, "High & Bye" is going to continue spreading the buzz about Brooke Williams and her truly authentic vibes.

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Indie · Pop


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