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Full flex with Whipped Cream's new single "Blood"

 Since her debut Shambhala Music Festival set in 2015, Caroline Cecil, aka Whipped Cream, has worked her magic to enrich fans with positive vibes through her music. By being one of the fastest growing female artists in the industry, Cecil is proud to share her emotions and voice her opinions during her live sets and prominently on social media. Her sense of realness and acceptance truly resonates through her unique sound and not to mention the amount of bass provided. The release of her latest single "Blood", via DeadBeats, is a true display of the artist's wild sonic mastery. 

The chant begins to slowly entice us into the song following a subtle cord progression and acoustic sound.  With an intense build up, the speakers are about to blow as a dirty bass filled drop takes over and kills everything in sight.

Whipped Cream's signature outburst of dark vibes and raw emotion is what sets her apart from the rest. If you plan on catching a future set then I highly recommend investing in earplugs because this a DJ that delivers unapologetically hard sets. 

With the year coming to an end, be sure to keep her on your radar for more bass filled tracks. 

Next stop for Whipped Cream will be in Houston TX on October 11th. 


Connect with Whipped CreamFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 



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