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Brooklyn’s Sadio Muzic releases new banger “Dubs”

Sadio first started buzzing at the age of fourteen - when YouTube videos of him drumming and singing went viral. These videos garnered national attention and an appearance on Good Morning America. Now, at 16 years old, Sadio is ready to make a name for himself and prove that his viral moment isn’t just a one-time-occurrence.

“Dubs” is a uniquely produced track with what sounds like a flute-inspired sound looped in the background. Sadio switches up his flow throughout the song, showcasing his range and sonic ability.

The lyrical gist of the song is in the song’s chorus where Sadio raps “you wasn’t there so you are a dub", as he hints at the true meaning of loyalty and how people who are there for you, are there for you at your high highs and low lows.

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