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Perhapsy releases "The Curse (Is Getting Worse)"

Perhapsy, the solo project of California-based Derek Barber, has released “The Curse (Is Getting Worse)," an intricate and coloured entanglement of guitar and Barber’s soft-spoken voice. He murmurs the questions “who are you?” and “what are you?” as the electric strings sew together a weighted and vast first single.

Perhapsy began as an instrumental band during Barber’s years as a Jazz student at the University of Michigan. His music has proven to be an illustration of the resiliency of his spirit through his battle with mental illness, having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder while on tour shortly after graduating. Barber arose from this struggle, entering the music world once again with penned lyrics on living with mental illness and day-to-day life and all the complications that can bring. For his first single off upcoming album, “The Curse” is no exception, tackling the topic of pursuing something while having self-doubt, as Perhapsy puts it:

It’s easy to wonder “who” and “what” you really are when you’re over-concerned with what other people think. I think there’s sort of a “curse” attached to being a musician or artist in that there’s no avoiding these things. However, there’s also something beautiful there: if you feel compelled to make art and music, you’re going to do it regardless. I think maybe that’s what “the curse” is.”

Apart from launching Perhapsy, Barber also strums in acts Madeline Kenney, Bells Atlas and Curls. His new album, Kingdom Starlight Bliss, drops November 23rd with Porch Party Records, marking Perhapsy’s fourth full length album.

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