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iKON wrestle with the pain of moving on with 'Goodbye Road'

The final chapter of iKON’s break-up trilogy is its most heart-wrenching yet. The South Korean group released the New Kids: The Final LP on October 1, along with the beautifully sentimental music video for “이별길(Goodbye Road).” Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the septet find the courage to express their fears about being alone but understand that it’s time to move on.

Guided by a melancholic violin and acoustic guitar throughout, “Goodbye Road” is a both a walk down memory lane and an apprehensive vision of the future. Bobby raps about a toxic relationship over a heavy, sauntering beat, and in the anthemic chorus the vocal line relay their wishes of well-being for their ex-love, singing “I hope you only walk the flower road after you leave” (a Korean metaphor used to describe a future full of good fortune). But despite this seemingly amicable split, B.I reveals that his torment won’t be so easily resolved: “living in your past memories is a helpless sense of loneliness/But to be forgotten even from those memories is more painful than anything else.”

The video reflects the nostalgia and weight expressed in the music, with the members shown singing and dancing in expansive, bare urban settings. Dressed in toned-down, earthy palettes, the aesthetic is reflective of the fall — a time symbolic of change.

New Kids: The Final also features three other songs, including upbeat dance track “Don’t Let Me Know,” as well as romantic ballads “Adore You” and “Perfect.” Each are co-written and co-composed by iKON leader B.I, with lyrical contributions from Bobby. This is the YG Entertainment-managed group’s third comeback this year, after seeing massive success with title tracks “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me.” iKON is currently on tour, with stops in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and more.

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