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It’s impossible to give Nate Curry’s new flick the “Cold Shoulder” [Video Premiere]

You may recall Nate Curry’s last single to hit the pages of EARMILK: “Speakers Blown,” a slowed-down slumper that's taken off on SoundCloud over the past several months. Today, the talented Sacramento-based emcee/crooner is premiering the video for another fan favorite: “Cold Shoulder.”

Nate's new track, produced by Sbvce, is sure to get those shoulders shrugging and head bobbing. If Sbvce’s spacey, minimalist production isn't hypnotizing on its own, Nate’s buoyant, laidback flow will elevate your mind state.
Fittingly, the visuals for “Cold Shoulder” — directed by Dillard Brown and Dawson Taylor -- take place on some snowy mountains, as Nate and his ol' lady finesse in their equally stylish ensembles. The song's subject matter touches on Nate’s relationship with his substances of choice and the realization that he wants to enjoy the high he's on for now, at least for a bit.
If "Cold Shoulder" has you feeling a type of way slap some of Nate's other shmangers by tapping in to his SoundCloud or Spotify.
Connect with Nate Curry: SoundCloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram
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