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Sakr’s “Home Again” takes you on an emotive journey

Faced with an uneasy feeling as your mind vanishes into a dark place, electronic artist Sakr perfectly captures that unfiltered, raw emotion in his latest single “Home Again”. The track features a rare blend of electronic sounds that take you on a haunting journey. Chilling yet alluring you’re left wanting more. Sakr puts it best when he states, "‘Home Again’ is about the surrender of falling into dark places over and over again. The jagged nature of the arrangement and the complex sound design, is a sonic projection of how frantic and uneasy my mind moves in those places."

Sakr, the solo project of singer/songwriter/producer Sam Sakr, showcases his remarkable talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Sakr has always had a keen sensibility for the pop world, but it was his solo work that steered him into a completely different direction. With influences such as James Blake and John Hopkins combined with his love for R&B, Sakr is fearless in breaking barriers. Constantly evolving and developing his sound this personal project is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Grabbing your attention from the second it starts you’re immediately sucked in with ears wide open.

Connect with Sakr: Facebook | Website | Instagram 

Electro R&B · Electronic


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