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Miller Blue tells us to slow down and take our time with the soulful "Rush"

Following his most recent release "Rhythm in the Dance", singer-songwriter and producer Miller Blue's music has proven a captivating and evocative experience - a triumph of modern soul. In the aftermath of his cult success, he returns with "Rush" off his forthcoming EP Cotton - a soulful single that beautifully encapsulates the melding of R&B and electro-pop, with robust lyricism and husky tonal ranges.

With a heartfelt and deeply personal delivery, Blue takes the slow jam into the abyss of one's heart and brings forth waves of tucked-away emotions. "Rush" is the exact opposite of fast; opening with a downtempo beat filled with classic funk influences and bass, Blue expertly crafts a song that makes one pause and take time to breathe - to take in the sounds emanating from the track. Utilizing guitar riffs and clear drum hits, his searing falsettos are even more emphasized and adds to the packed layers of emotions woven in. Tastefully timed and expertly curated, "Rush" is an ethereally soulful song that is painstakingly detailed but utterly relatable, a song perfect for anyone, anywhere.

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Alternative R&B · R&B · Soul


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