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Norma debuts sultry single "Another Red Day"

Introspective up-and-comer Norma just released her first single in years, entitled “Another Red Day”. The sultry piece is nothing short of hypnotic, and is paired with a symbolic and steamy music video. The French singer-songwriter uses this mystifying and stripped down indie track to prep the music world for upcoming debut album Female Jungle, due out February 15th.

After two years of touring with her first EP Badlands under her belt, Norma fought the pressures of the music industry urging her to produce an album quickly. Instead, she has let herself explore her music fully, and develop such mesmerizing songs as “Another Red Day”. Speaking on the upcoming album, Norma explains it,

“It’s a journey through feminine desire and the struggle for self-acceptance. It’s about vulnerability, power, fantasy - about breaking down and rising up as a Woman”.

The single is edgy and intricate without overpowering the listener with a heavy pop sound or beat. With more tracks due to hit wavelengths in November, Norma will also be embarking on her mini solo world tour; covering turf such as Paris, New York, Stockholm, Berlin and London.  

Catch Norma on her upcoming tour at the following venues:

November 4 -  New York (Pianos)
November 8 - Paris - 1999 club
November 10 -  London - folklore (hoxton)
November 15 -  Toulouse - daDA
November 16 - Barcelone - Heliogabàl
November 22 -  Stockholm - larry's corner
November 23 - Berlin - madame claude
November 24  Bruxelles - 1030 café

Connect with Norma online: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud

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