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Jarami drops new track "Cold Blooded"

It feels like we're watching Jarami gear up to make their big break. The Swedish duo behind some of R&B's biggest productions of the past two years - including Frank Ocean's "Biking" and "Chanel" - have cleared much of the music we've known them for from their Spotify and SoundCloud pages, starting nearly fresh aside from three remixes of Wafia, HONNE and Ruel. This week, they've dropped their latest original "Cold Blooded," which premiered as Zane Lowe's World Record on Apple Music. 

"Cold Blooded" continues a slow transformation we've seen in Jarami's music over the past year, moving from moody, lo-fi and downtempo electronica to a more complex layer cake of live instruments. Still producing with a unique point of view, Jarami's music maintains its differentiation in style on this latest, out via RCA Records.

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