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Fluencee's 'Foxgloves' is a captivating reminder of the power of love

To err is to be human, to love - even more so. Though intangible, love is arguably the strongest and most powerful emotion we connect with and it is something we all seek and validate for - music being one way we strive to understand it whilst conveying it to the people around us. With his unique, genre-bending take on pop music, Philly-born, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Jason Heffler or otherwise known as Fluencee, reminds us to keep those you love close through the release of his EP Foxgloves - a contemporary crossover of sonic styles curated into a visceral, emotive story.  

Captivating and ethereal, the five-track EP is Fluencee’s open letter to the world, discussing heartache, passion, bullying, and overcoming his speech impediment through music; it's a deeply personal curation of his journey in self-acceptance and self-love - in realizing that music is truly a universal language and a way and place for him to speak.

Previously released "Foxgloves" is the titular track of the EP, opening up with the ringing of a phone - perhaps a signal to start the telling of a tale. Laden with saxophones and subtle piano chords, Fluencee expertly weaves the heart-aching melody in with angelic vocals, brimming with passion and nostalgia. The melodic and soothing ambiance of  "Foxgloves" sets the stage for the following tracks to shine; "Find Someone Else" takes a more upbeat tempo but is equally as heart-aching, reverberating with layers and echoes of distorted vocals. Soothingly infectious, it's a track that puts one into perspective, relatable in its lyrics of 'being taken for granted'.

Featuring Bri Tolani, "Burning Me" is a beautiful, uplifting song that instantly touches at your emotional core with its lush vocals and rolling melodies, entrancing chord progressions make for an absolutely alluring take on pop music. Similarly, "Unattainable" featuring the angelic, sensual vocals of Lilianna Wilde is a harmonious companion with a future-bass twist. 

To cap off the stream of evocative tracks, "Tell Me You Love Me" switches up the tempo to one that is more upbeat, whilst utilizing more synths to craft a nice juxtaposition of sonic styles. Fleuncee's versatility is evidently seen throughout Foxgloves and is proof of his abilities to convey deep-seated emotions that are sometimes hard to put into words.; "This record is a long time coming for me. It explores bullying, loss of love, and a number of other motifs that have shaped who I am today. And I couldn't be more proud of it."


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