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Dayo Bello and Jaz Karis are Breathtaking on “You” (Remix)

20-year-old Dayo Bello from London dropped his single “You” about 10 months ago. Bello cultivated over 16k plays on Soundcloud and an impressive over 600k plays on Spotify. Jaz Karis is another phenomenal artist from London - self-described as a “spiritual songbird” with an incredibly angelic and magnetic voice.

So, seeing Karis hop on the “You” remix - it was an unexpectedly brilliant R&B/Soul collaboration.

Both Bello and Karis don’t overpower one another on the song. Instead, their voices compliment one another so beautifully. Their runs, their tones, and vocal ability are gripping. There’s a captivating soulful energy that they both exude. The remix with Karis being a female artist - it’s almost like her verse is a response to Bello on the track. Instead of hearing one perspective, the remix gives us two breathtaking sides.

Connect with Dayo Bello: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Jaz Karis: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

R&B · Soul


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