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Charlee Remitz shares the love smitten single "Forever Like This"

Welcome to fresh love bliss with Charlee Remitz’s newest single "Forever Like This." The sparkly electro-pop single explores those first moments of love and the daydreams of forever that flood the mind at the start of a relationship. Charlee’s vocals move from soft and smitten to proud and commanding, just as her lyrics fall deeper and deeper into a world of wonder. 

Like most of Charlee’s music, “Forever Like This” is a personal tale. “I feel like, I was dating somebody where forever wasn’t a matter of science, it was simply a conversation: do you want to be forever like this or not? And that was inherently cool because I’ve always been anxious and worrisome. He changed all of that for me,” Charlee said to EARMILK. 

A Montana native, Charlee Remitz found a trying stint in Nashville and now resides in Los Angeles. After her breakout debut album Bright White Trims, Charlee has been working with producer Zach Milo and the two have blended 80’s pop synths with modern electronic drum rhythms. “Forever Like This” is the third single from Charlee’s upcoming album Sad Girl Music, out November 9th. Following her previous singles “To Tell You The Truth” and “My Worst,” “Forever Like This” is just another shining moment on Sad Girl Music.

Connect with Charlee Remitz: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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