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Indie Pop band Night Lights throwback to old flames in “Talk to Me”

Spanning three different continents, the members of Night Lights moved to the U.S. to make a name for themselves as artists. Truly, they are beginning to see the results. Their highly anticipated new single entitled "Talk to Me" is produced by Brian Phillips (Walk and the Moon, COIN) and features infectious lyrics, rhythmic electric guitars and driving drums. 

The electrifying new track details a daydream of running into an old crush, discovering the adventures they've experienced. Many of us often wonder how our lives would be different if we expressed our feelings. Notably, Night Lights perfectly details this relatable longing in their "Talk to Me" lyrics.

Moreover, reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club, Night Lights indie pop/alt rock is familiar yet distinctive. Upbeat catchy melodies and high dynamic vocals resonate. With members from all over the world (Mexico, Japan and Norway), the trio met while attending school in Boston. Each standout in their own way bringing a bit of their culture to the band’s unique style. Now settling in Los Angeles, Night Lights stay dedicated to their craft by writing and recording new music and headlining high profile venues.

Connect with Night Lights: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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