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Miya Folick gets real and cheeky on new single "Stop Talking"

Los Angeles based recording artist and performer Miya Folick has been steadily building her own little reputation. 

From touring alongside the likes of Chairlift, Yeasayer, Kate Nash, Sleigh Bells, Folick, is slowly becoming an industry heavyweight. And, for good reason. Her sweet sound of electro, indie, and alternative pop music, makes Miya's sound and style all her own. She's just released her new single "Stop Talking" and it's very personal. In what reads like an open letter to herself, Miya is working to get over a boy; drifting between pop sound vocals and a catchy backdrop, Miya tells herself to stop talking about the boy, who's taking up "real estate" in her mind and thoughts. In just over 2 minutes and 45 seconds, Miya effortlessly has us in her thoughts and inner dialogue, as we go along for a musical ride. Join Miya above, and stay tuned as she gears up to release her album Premonitions on October 26th. 

Connect with Miya Folick: Soundcloud I FacebookTwitter 

Electro Pop · Indie


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