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Josh Butler takes us back to the soulful roots of house in "Feels Good" featuring HanLei

Over the years, house music has gone through a journey of evolution of tumultuous relapse and rebirth, of change and confirmation, of growth and innovation. House music is now something undefinable in sound, but remains utterly unchanged in the way it evokes certain emotions, and also in its versatility and forgiveness. At the forefront of the scene, Josh Butler has dabbled in varying degrees of tech-house and house and is reputable in his continuous releases of innovative and high-quality tracks. As an ode to house music, Josh has released "Feels Good" featuring HanLei to our pleasant surprise.

Celebrating the soulful roots of house music, "Feels Good" is a groovy amalgamation of classic upbeat house with hints of disco. HanLei's sultry smooth vocal is uplifting, quintessential in captivating us into a feel-good reverie of flashing lights and swaying bodies. Packed tightly with layers of raw hums and light, groovy beats, "Feels Good" does not shy away from breaks in vocals but rather, builds on them to craft an even more deep-rooted listening experience. The soulful tangents are flawlessly mixed into the repeated percussion backdrops, showcasing Josh's versatility in production. In addition to the original, Josh also released a dub mix of "Feels Good" in which a faster, progressive beat is added to create a deeper house vibe. 


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