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Highschool Jacob knows "As Long As You Want Me" he'll never run away [Premiere]

Do you like the essence of Prince in a Majestic Casual world? And do you like it when a young artist weaves catchy melodies and engrossing stories to make head nod worthy and heartwarming music? Then just know that you have stumbled upon the perfect single for your Wednesday.

Highschool Jacob with the release of "As Long As You Want Me" wants to take all your pressure and throw it away with this breezy, funky, alt-pop single du jour. 

Highschool Jacob is a Los Angeles based artist who is here to steal your heart as he croons with earnest explaining that "As Long As You Want Me" is, "similar to the feeling of when you first get into a relationship and you can't get enough of each other. It's really about that sense of comfort mixed with volatility that you experience at the start of a new relationship, and the confusion of when it ends."

The single opens with a rich synth pad and a counter melody akin to an affected theremin that set the tone for the ensuing four minutes, dripping with love and drenched with soul. Then the drum beat slaps in and the bass kicks at 0:20 and you cannot defy the urge to bob your head back and forth with this hazy, funky, 80s reminiscent banger. 

Highschool Jacob is a pure joy on this single and I could not be happier sharing it. 

Connect with Highschool Jacob: Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 

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