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Get ready for "Doomsday" in Tempesst's new music video [Premiere]

Happy Thursday! Psych-pop quintet Tempesst looks like they had the most fun filming their new music video for their EP title track "Doomsday".

Originating in Queensland, Australia and now having relocated to London, Tempesst takes a new sonic step forward, introducing spacious electronic and pop fun in their new Doomsday EP, which also pulls from their very classic 60's and 70's influenced rock roots. Interestingly, the band wrote and tracked the EP in four days right after Christmas last year, and in a way permanently captures through music the feelings of anxiety, overstimulation, and constant temptation in a busy metropolitan city such as London. 


"Doomsday" the track appears to be commentary on how social media and the internet have turned us into mindless creatures. Vocalist and guitarist of Tempesst Toma says, 
"It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt so aware of my mortality and it probably doesn’t help that the Facebook and Netflix algorithms have cottoned on and keep feeding me shit on the topic," Toma says about the track. "'Doomsday' is the start of what will probably be a long running theme."
The music video for "Doomsday" shows Tempesst crusing through Las Vegas and various parts of the Nevada desert and outer space, balancing the weighty themes in the song with the group's light-hearted performative touch.  

You can watch Tempesst cheekily traipse around in their green screen adventures below. 

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