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Atropolis is a master of creating sonic landscapes in latest hip-hop single "Take Back" feat. Latasha [Premiere]

New York-based musician Atropolis prepares for the release of his upcoming EP with new single "Take Back" featuring Latasha. 

"The Take Back is about getting back to the truest sense of myself without the world’s telling of what I should be and give. It’s about taking myself back from all the times when I wouldn’t keep myself cause of what others told me. It’s about the journey back to the God in myself.” Latasha 
Somber but incredibly intimate, Atropolis crafts a vivid soundscape over the poetic lyricism delivered from musician Latasha on this latest track. A hint of that classic SBTRK/Telepopmusik sound but with a smooth hitting bounce, Atropolis masterfully weaves together an atmospheric array of poignant and melancholy sounds that flow and lift the track from start to finish. A beautiful acapella moment at the end truly reveals the emotional intelligence behind "Take Back".
"On the musical side of this production I was really looking to explore Latasha's singing voice, at the time we met Latasha was mostly rapping.  I just put out an EP called Jump on Wonderwheel Recordings, which was inspired by me losing all my work from 2016-2017.  The first draft of this collaboration was one of the many productions I lost, and during this period I was also faced with some rejection from labels as well, so it was an all time low for me.  Similar to Latasha’s drive behind the lyrics, this production for me is about going for it, it's about going harder then ever and not letting any obstacles stop you." Atropolis
With a degree in music composition and ethnomusicology, Atropolis is a multitalented artist and producer but also as an Ableton Live instructor, where he was recently tapped by the legendary Grand Master Flash to be his Ableton Live Engineer. He is currently preparing for the releases of an upcoming EP titled 'Shuffle Mode' which is the product of 3 years recording and is a chronicle of Atropolis’ journey over the years of releasing, performing, teaching, and spending his youth among the diverse music scene of New York City. Atropolis states, “This EP is a collection of intimate collaborations, it feels like a playlist on shuffle mode, a reflection of how music is being experienced by the masses.”
Atropolis' new EP. 'Shuffle Mode' is set for release via Cumba Mela on September 28.

Connect with Atropolis: Facebook | Official Site

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