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Catching Flies teams with Jay Prince and Oscar Jerome for "New Gods"

The London music scene has been churning out some seriously fresh music lately and today we have another impressive release with producer Catching Flies’ latest single “New Gods.” The dreamy track also features two more rising stars in the realm of groove-oriented music. Rapper Jay Prince graces the track with a stylish verse and Oscar Jerome offers some vocals in the hook as well as some tasteful guitar playing. “New Gods” is a precursor to a forthcoming album from Catching Flies and it certainly has enough to whet our appetite for what’s to come.

In the current era of online music collaboration that can feel less than personal, “New Gods” is a seamless partnership between its three central players. From Jerome’s faraway vocals in the song’s beginning to the gentle percussion from CF and then Prince’s smooth entrance to his verse, the interplay feels completely natural. Catching Flies holds down the laid-back yet pumping production and both Prince and Jerome get moments to shine. Prince shows off his weaving flow and clever wordplay in the first half of the track and then Jerome brings it home with a soulful guitar solo before reprising the hook to close out the song.

All three of the artists on “New Gods” are on their way up in a London scene that is absolutely brimming with talent. And while the future is bright and Catching Flies' upcoming album will be one to watch, this single shows that these artists have already arrived and we don’t need to look anywhere beyond the present to appreciate their talents.

Catching Flies will be performing in Taiwan and China in late September and early October.

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