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Salty Springs's "Cucknite" single is a sweet blend of experimental vibes

"Cucknite" is what you get when a myriad of Portland-based producers( Spearheaded by Salty Springs)  join forces in the studio with everything in their sonic arsenal.

From what we garnered it took four months for this single to be completed from recording, mixing to mastering. To box this creation in a genre may do it some disservice as it taps into more than one but the overarching vibe could fall in the vicinity of Daft Punk. The layered approach makes it really rich as the guitars and bassline blend with such smoothness you'd be hard-pressed not to nod your head.

Salty Springs’s cheeky humour references the world’s most popular video game, but this instrumental track should resonate whether or not you get the joke. His prime objective, however, is to churn out music that'll eventually land him a placement in the video game. Get his album on Spotify .

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