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“Who?” is Cait?

Hooked on the pop music of her generation, singer-songwriter Cait is producing a fresh, forward-thinking, avant-garde sound in her newest single entitled “Who?”. This upbeat contemporary single features a distinctive blend of electronic sounds, with a steady constant beat, infectious melody and catchy lyrics, the eccentric pop track perfectly showcases Cait’s originality. 

Graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, this Wisconsin native has found a strong sense of individuality, really taking the time to find her place as an artist. Working with producer Brian Phillips and songwriter Devin D'Amato, they had a brief discussion on the difficulty of managing friendships as you get older and from there “Who?” was born. Cait asks herself, “After college and into the ‘real world’ - who are the people you can actually count on?" She admits that unfortunately this harsh reality is something many people in their 20's face.

Cait has recently finished editing and directing her video remake of “Just a Girl”. It’s a powerful stance on women’s issues, displaying those who fight for change in the women’s marches.  With "Who?" she has found her next step forward. 

Connect with Cait: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 



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