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Nighttime ushers in a dream in "Lamb's Ear" [Video]

Listening to Brooklyn-based folk artist Eva Louise Goodman, who goes by the moniker Nighttime, is like playing a counterproductive lullaby — one that makes you want to stay awake until the end, and then play it again and again. Her ear for complex music that simultaneously soothes and compels has snagged her a supporting spot on Mutual Benefit's UK tour, where she will also be filling in as the band's violinist and contributing vocalist. The lead single "Lamb's Ear" off of her forthcoming album Hand in the Dark, being released via Black Meadow on October 12, is full of hypnotic, layered vocals, entrancingly slow melodies, and ethereal soundscapes with an equally dreamy video to match.

Filmed on the property of a "near-abandoned" estate on Long Island estate, the "Lamb's Ear" video creates the effect of looking back on a memory that has since become hazy or unclear. Goodman channels the energy of a siren, calling out to the only other person seen in the footage (her boyfriend with whom she filmed the video.) Perhaps unintentionally, the imagery is reminiscent of another myth as well, one born out of Long Island's very own Lake Ronkonkoma. Legend has it that the Lady of Lake Ronkonkoma is the ghost of a lonely lover scorned, who has taken revenge by pulling in one male victim each year. Some believe she is just looking for her next true love. Goodman said that when she and her boyfriend "went out there, just the two of us, with a handheld video camera," they had "no real plan in mind ... The ever-changing sky became the centerpiece of the video, visually expressing the song’s meditation on the psychic fluidity of time."

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